Vicki Smith is an artist from Harihari, a small community on the west coast of the south island, Aotearoa/New Zealand. Vicki is an observer, explorer and navigator working from her 11 metre wooden sailing vessel – Kiritea.  Works for the last five years include;

  • 2013 SCANZ Taranaki residency leading to the creation of the print work Approaches to Puke Ariki added to the Puke Ariki pictorial collection
    RYA Coastal Skipper (Practical) certificate with Hank Haazen aboard sv Tiama
    "Under her Skin" a book bound in fish vellum, created while crewing a pacific passage for which she gained the regional prize in the national fibre arts awards Changing Threads.
  • 2014 Instigated and lead the collaborative participatory puppet show project "Ships Pass in the Night" exploring migration tales and the plight of te Tuna (the endangered endemic long finned eel) for Light Nelson.
    Devising the media art/weaving project "Pattern Recognition" co-created with Aroha Timoti-Coxon and installed in the Westland Library, Hokitika.
  • 2015 "Vessels", SCANZ artist residency in Taranaki using found objects, drawings and nets made of harakeke (flax) this installation recalled museum vitrine displays with a narrative of rivers and the sea.
    Beyond the Book the fish vellum book "Under her Skin" hangs in an aquarium floating on a sea of woven images of clouds, sea and sky in this group exhibition at the Tin Palace, Lyttelton
    "A Transitional Imaginary: Space, Network and Memory in Christchurch". An immersive collaborative writing project between eight artists, writers and academics who produced a book in a 'sprint' of five intense days.
    Chorus Cabinet Art "George Boat's Aerial Exploits" selected design applied to the cabinet with the assistance of Cid Shearman.
  • 2016 Invited artist for Water*Power*Peace created the work "Pressure for Change" installed in Te Niho, Parihaka (gifted with love and gratitude by request by Whaea Maata Wharehoka)
    "Wai-Mahi" commissioned to design a work for the Nelson Waterworks by the Nelson Council created a weaving using recycled PVC installed in collaboration with Cid Shearman and Tia Wilkie.
    Light Nelson 2016 - Instigated and collaborated an online text adventure and an installation series for Light Nelson called "Finding Lucinda Fairweather" ( the story/treasure hunt plays out around the old shoreline of Nelson and leads to the discovery of a forgotten local feature.
    Victory Primary School - Te Wairepo/York stream commissioned by Project Maitai (Mahitahi) to produce a work for three gates adjacent to the stream and school the design was created in collaboration with eight students and applied collaboratively with a wider group.
    "Passing Shower" a tactile and audio work for the Refinery Art Gallery exhibition Blind Date:
    Painted a mural on the Koha Shed (Victory Community Centre) with the help of a group of students and locals, part of the process for scoping the Te Wairepo Project (for delivery up until June 2017).
    Flock is woven Installation on the estuary edge shows a line of oyster catchers taking off. Created with Cid Shearman for the Tahuna Sculpture walk  it is now installed at Natureland along the rescued bird recovery avairy.
  • 2017 Fringe Art Project ~ Part of the Nelson Fringe Festival, a hanging manually operated zoetrope  ... thanks Eliot
    Black Swans ~ a chorus cabinet artwork in Waldronville, Dunedin (black swans an introduced species running over local fauna)

    Te Wairepo ~ Place | People | Participate  (a tributary of Project Maitai/Mahitahi funded through Nelson City Council)
    A communty engagement project using art and events to encourage greater connection and kaitiakitanga (care/guardianship) of Te Wairepo / York Stream and its surrounding area.
    Race Unity Day - introducing locals to their stream and assessing connections and understandings via a story-map-survey process, working alongside Mel McColgan a stream ecologist and Jo Martin providing information about stream impacts and trees to help mitigate these.
    Breathe   - a series of workshops to create a school of internet connected fish replicas telling a realtime story of the temperature of the waterway which impacts on oxygen levels and the ability for fish to breathe. (Collaboration with Mel McColgan, Andrew Hornblow and John Paul Pochin as well as Light Nelson Collection and students and staff of four schools along the Te Wairepo Stream)
    Installed at Nelson Povincial Museum ( won the illuminate prize and was longlisted for the 2017 Riverstory awards )
    ....thanks Eliot is motorised and forms part of an installation (using old projectors, drawings and a single slide viewer) discussing youth suicide   
    Matariki - celebrating the progress and providing more inspiration and trees for local planting as part of the Victory Community Centre celebrations
    Writing a second series of works for the Te Wairepo
    Team Up to Clean Up - a community working bee to clean rubbish from the local community with a focus on the stormwater system into the stream, celebrating with shared food and a tree planting ceremony (Kawakawa, for the heart of Victory Community Centre) Design work by NMIT students

    SOUNDING ~ echolocation and disruption in our oceans: A project spanning a central city sonic installation, a gallery pace at Otago Museum, workshops and performances creating and using augmented umbrella to enagage the public in a conversation about increasing machine noise on our cetacean neighbours. (Collaboration with Caro McCaw)

    Team Up to Clean Up ~ WEEDS a community working bee to clear rubbish from the local community with a focus on the stream, celebrating with shared food, bird attracrting trees and bird feeders to give away (run in conjunction with Victory Community Centre)

Vicki is a project manager and networker, connecting communities of artists (Aotearoa Digital Arts network, online educators (virtual learning network communities and an advocate for open-source; not just in the code sense but in encouraging community around the process of researching and developing work. She is an enthusiastic learner, amalgamator of traditionally disparate disciplines and works to highlight local global issues.

One of a global collective who began performing through networked environments in the last millennia ( and co-creator of UpStage (a realtime online performance venue) where she collaborates with and supports the growing community of artists. Vicki co-curated the annual festival series in UpStage, and co-hosted the CyPosium that connected networked performance artists and audiences in the first global online discussion about the practice of cyberformance (

More information about Vicki may be found through her LinkedIn Profile